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After Hurtwood: 'Ferris and Sylvester'

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

The lovely Issy Ferris who left Hurtwood less than four years ago, and is really making waves (and gorgeous music), has just been featured on BBC Music ‘Introducing’. Along with a fellow musician and song writer, Archie Sylvester, she has been making her mark big time under the name 'Ferris and Sylvester'.

A planned 'After Hurtwood' interview last week had to be postponed sadly - but for all the right reasons. With a new tour of the USA now booked for March, Issy had to spend the day sorting out passports and visas. Hopefully Muse will catch the interview before blast-off America, but meanwhile check out the link and the music, and then read about the journey from A levels to the world of music-making.

See below for some pics and a link to 'Ferris and Sylvester' playing their BBC Music 'Introducing' session:

Official website:


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