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An extract from a project

By Karl Fonseka

"The alleged meteor trailed across the black emptiness of the sky. Emanating softly, the glowing colour of orange and white contrasted with the stars’ cold and unforgiving gaze. Arcing overhead, the sphere of light trailed and dimmed into the distance, slowly dipping under the horizon. An aura of quiet thenceforth fell upon the surroundings and held intently. The night sky was quiet; the stars’ twinkling ceased, the breeze halted and the air was deathly still. Only the wind’s cold, icy breath was unperturbed by the event and persisted. Encircling the clearing in the forest, trees of Spruce and Fir swayed gently to and fro, their movements synchronised and unrelenting. Mere silhouettes in the night they were and yet they bore down oppressively. Even the moon, whose beauty was unmatched, seemed transfixed and her majestic light was dulled by a passing grey cloud. Spellbound, the onlookers stood like frozen statues.

A faint, distant sound of an impact broke the night air’s silence like a knife through the velvet tranquillity."


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