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An Interview with Ted Jackson: Home is the Sailor

Or more precisely, and less poetically, the ocean rower. Meet our very own intrepid wild man of the Atlantic, Ted Jackson, fresh back from an extraordinary 42-day challenge, rowing 2,850 nautical miles in a team of 12 all the way from Tenerife to Antigua.

Tanned and (very) beardy, minus several stone (and possibly plus a new tattoo or three?) Ted has – thankfully – showered. He also has an extraordinary tale to tell of conquering his demons, keeping his cool (as well as the peace) and generally denying that old proposition that ‘hell is other people’. Yes – this is still the real Ted Jackson and he has a gleam in his eye which makes him look even more like his Dad.

Listen to him tell his own inspirational story in our latest episode of the Muse Podcast – and feel seasick when you watch the video clip. Well done, Ted – you've done us proud. Again.


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