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An Ode to My Mother

By Natalie Chiu

Ah- Mother’s day, the stressful time of early morning disastrous breakfast cooking baking fiasco, trying to brew the perfect coffee for mother (especially when you have an annoying temperamental coffee machine that only your dad knows how to use but because he’s too busy sleeping you can’t ask him to help you) picking the right earrings or necklaces that mother wouldn’t dismiss and saying “I LOVE YOU” a billion times because I must cheesily admit that those three words cannot fully repay the love that our mother’s have given us. I’ve always celebrated the American Mother’s day (though I must reiterate that I am not American even though I may have a slight American accent), dated on the second Sunday of May. The American Mother’s day was a result of a campaign by Anna Jarvis, whose mother died on May 9. However, because I am writing to a mainly British audience, I shall change my ways and adapt and follow your traditions. Basically, I will write for British Mother’s day even though deep down I do believe that it’s not yet Mother’s day but whatever. Constance Smith was inspired by Anna Jarvis and also wanted to select a day where we shall pay tribute to our mothers. Constance Smith was a High Church Anglican and believed that the best day to fully express our love for mothers would be the fourth Sunday of Lent. Now, I will not bore you with the any further historic details of Mother’s day because, well, this isn’t a history lesson. So why do we need mother’s day? Personally I feel that us non-mothers often take for granted the love and dedication mothers give. I am no mother (obviously, though you never know), but I do believe that no one will ever know what being a mother feels like until you are one. So, sorry boys, best of luck next time. A mother’s life revolves around us, the children, the offspring, the victim of spanking because we foolishly disrespected mummy. Generally, mother’s cook for us, clean for us, bathed us when we were little (though we never know, they might still do, but let’s hope not), made sure we finished our homework, nagged us if we didn’t, punished us if we still didn’t, made the monster go away at night but one magical hug, made the pain from a boo-boo go away by one magical kiss, and just made our lives much easier to live in. A mother’s love is unconditional, unlimited, boundless, endless, an absolute sacrifice for the well-being of their child. They stay up with you when you can’t sleep, they text and call you a million times to make sure that you are coming back home safely, they get on the first plane back home and fly hundreds of miles when they heard you were in a car accident. What’s not to love? Mother’s are marvellous creatures, extraordinary, and we should feel obliged to repay their love, give back their love. Quite frankly, we should do this everyday, because everyday our mother’s thinks of us, even though we might not. But mother’s day is essential because we need something to remind us of the everlasting love of our mothers, to remind us to dedicate our love to our mothers. Let’s all admit. We need mothers. I don’t think we would be where we are today if we didn’t have mothers. And I mean that both metaphorically and literally.


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