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Andy's Christmas Poem

By Andy Johnson

So, finally, and festively it snows

Heavenly white squiggles fall from on high

And so our festive excitement grows

And snuggles into wrapping paper

To dream of baubles, sweets, treats

And powdered roads and streets where frost

Fills the air and decorates nature with expectant glitter

Yes, yes it snows, yet the traffic slows,

And although in midwinter we expect a cold snap

Why do stations and airports close?

Why does everything stop?

Why is everything so unfestively crap and steadfastly unready

This does not happen elsewhere

Could it be that those in charge out there

Don’t actually really, care

I think they don’t, they won’t, it’s age –old disrespect

But even though they don’t or won’t… can!

You can return their blank, council stare

With festive care, so whether it snows again or no

Take care when you go Christmas shopping

Take time to do some voluntary slowing down or stopping

So that when someone asks you for ‘any spare change?’

Even though they may not seem homeless or unwell

Or be seeking a cosy treat of yule-log heat

Or be speaking English that well

Even though you may think they might drink it

Or attempt Christmas diversion by mind excursion

Just give it them.


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