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Beautiful - a slam poem

The word beautiful has lost its meaning,

its been drawn on, scratched off, painted over, dyed on far too many times its faded,

when i see the word beautiful its like looking at an old friend.

Except now their skin is paler,

softer than before.

The personality I knew which once had wings,

had been plucked of all its feathers,

the purple eyes I once knew have been replaced with a cloudy blue,

the word beautiful,

has been tainted.

With waistlines too small to fit any more abuse in, with music too loud to hear any of the voices,

the words perfectly beautiful, perfectly beautiful, burned in to the side of a girls forehead.

Only to be covered with a hair style that took over two hours,

and once she arrives at the ball,

the prince thats suppose to kneel and kiss her hand instead knocks out her hair and screams flat

chested in her ear.

Stand up right, smile right, teeth straight, big eyes small thighs, skin so perfect if you were touch it,

she would blow away like dust in the wind.

Nine letters should not have this amount of power, we should not let them have this amount of power,

We underestimate the strength of our voices, choose your words wiser than this

because some day you will get a sore throat.

Remember all those bad things said about you now imagine tattooed on to every inch of your skin good luck, trying to forget about that.

Wake up your ugly, go to school your ugly, throughout the day you're ugly, go to bed you're ugly in your dreams you are ugly they're lying,

they're wrong.

and if you cant find a reason to prove it make one up, because you are beautiful weather you like it or not.

Your beauty is not measured by your stomach, smile, or skin,

the word perfect is not real,

we made it up, like every other word standing on false hopes and unwritten dreams,

The word beautiful may have lost its meaning but you most defiantly have not.

While everyone else is shouting, you'll be smiling,

While everyone else is falling you'll be dancing,

While everyone else has ran out of breath you'll be singing,

Just because you have too much or too little of a waistline does not mean you have to waist your life

line on people that don't matter.

People that use the words beautiful, ugly, flat chested, too fat too skinny for me,

these people are weeds in your field of roses,

i’ll lend you my hand and we’ll pluck them out together,

you are worth nothing less than your own very best,


are so much more,

than beautiful.

By Sophie Jackson


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