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Hi I’m a doormat

Walk all over me it’s what I’m here for Feel free to scrape and chafe the pavement precipitate, the dirt off the bottom of your shoes Onto my seemingly thick skin that’s smeared with a joyful welcome sign To brighten up your day

Hi I’m a doormat Just leave me outside in the cold to be used whatever the weather Whether you’re going into a new relationship or coming out of one I’ll be there waiting for you to scrape off the grimy gruff scuffed off the bottom of your cuffs, Off the face down space where miscellaneous ground creatures congregate stuff that you don’t even know is there except for the fact that you want to get rid of it And I’ll take it Because it’s better that I take the cake rather than it flake and make the marble floorboards acquaint the tainted shame of the past footsteps you have walked in. The paths you’ve taken that you’re not so proud of The ones you’ve never said out loud and you’ve vowed to yourself that you wouldn’t endow onto anyone else’s knowledge Cuz well… y’know… it’s embarrassing So I’ll be the middle man on which you can release all that past anger so you can ‘move on’ and find other floorboards that will make your footprints seem more attractive, ones that gleam with a sheen that will show your reflection like some sort of screen so you can look at yourself and deem, damn I look pristine. Because of-course it’s the serge your self-esteem that’s all you’ve ever seen in a girl

Hi I’m a door mat And I’m pretty sustainable But you won’t even be able look down at me Because you’re not stable enough to enable me more than 5 seconds of your time Because to you I’m an aux cable. Who is nothing more than the plastic cord that projects those adored 90’s hits that you can somehow afford to hoard on your phone and pump through my veins until you say you’re bored and then… you leave

Hi I’m a doormat And I Promise I’ll never talk back, cuz ‘back-chat’ that scat that would only fall from the face of a brat. Please I’m so wonderfully nice you would never have to ask me twice, I’ll pay that price for your reoccurring vice because I’m only here for you. Yet even though you wipe your shoes on me you will still walk in the house with them only slightly less dirty, and you’ll keep spreading your dirt to every other doormat you see So please do as the sign says, and take off your damn shoes, That ruse you use to prove yourself to your peers as You ooze your sickening thirst for social approval, shoes That are pristinely white that are unnecessarily bright that might step your way into popularity. the ones you think you can just wipe all over me, and when I tell you that’s not how it should be you get lazy and all you can say is oh she’s a psycho she’s just crazy.

Hi im a doormat And please tread carefully Cuz it’s a tough gig being part of the ground For I’m bound to wear the crown of a constant rebound and then drown in The responsibility of playing the part of the one who picks up the pieces of someone else’ broken heart . so please, show some love for the ever giving door mat And don’t feel like you have to stay and say that everything’s ok and that her feelings will soon go away because trust me, She gets that every day.

By Elise Bugeja


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