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Finding a Voice

By Maddie Byrne

My Voice

I often find that when I speak

No one seems to hear,

I will make some sort of comment

That goes right past their ears.

When I speak I do not shout,

My voice is never loud,

It’s not the kind of voice

That could penetrate a crowd.

But in a group of three or four

When I have something to say,

So often I will say it

And no one looks my way.

I wonder if it’s because of me,

If I mumble or I sigh,

The other people round me,

They think that I’m just shy.

But other times I think that they

Hear only what they choose,

That if a voice comes quietly

It’s quick for them to lose.

I try not to let it bother me,

I try to make the choice

That if my words are crucial

I try to raise my voice.

But to all you who ignore me;

One day I’ll learn to shout,

And oath forbid, for when I do

Your voice will be wiped out.


People say that every day

That passes is a gift,

They suggest you sift

Through the sad times

And the glad times

Look only at the scrapbook

The memories you stage

Fake smiles upon the page

Face each day with a smile

And reach for bright stars while

You live, you have the chance

Dancing in a trance

Lift yourself across the brook

No matter if you’re grey,

Seize moments of the day

With your bravest stance.

But surely if you grin,

And take it on the chin

If no one knows your deepest woes,

The shadows where you’ve been

Then, though the sun’s rays shine,

As one you can suppose

They may define your skin

But you’ll never see the glow with glee

It’s not the bright you want to be

Now every day you wish away

Waiting for the night.


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