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By Elise Bugeja

When you stub your toe, and shout some four letter word

And you realise you four-year-old little brother just heard

With a swearing sibling and exams that are relentlessly boring

Your sleep is serenaded by your roommate’s relentless snoring

When you bash your head and you cry with nobody around

When you drop your toast the Nutella side down

Trip over your own foot or bump into a pole

You just wish that the floor would kindly swallow you up whole

When you put your make up on but somehow look worse

And you silently cry at the miserable contents of your purse

Or you wear your favourite bra making u feel hot as beef stew

But little did you know that, that white top is totally see through

If life’s not tragic enough you think you pass an old friend

Its only when you wildly embrace that you realise it’s not them

Now working off a restraining order you’re completely sleep deprived

You look around your room and realise you could be on ‘hoarding buried alive’

So do you feel like the star of a teen drama yet?

It gets worse when you step out the door and you’re already a puddle of sweat

Damn it you hormones and how you put me through such strife

They leave you arguing, no mum gossip girl is not stupid it’s life

My head says study but my heart says Netflix

My health says fruit but my soul says raw cake mix

Although in these years we try and judge things that are subjective

They are the only ones where Beyoncé is an acceptable adjective

Despite the mean comments and hurtful looks in the corridors

These are the years to completely and utterly own your glorious flaws

We are constantly trying to prove ourselves but are always left feeling frustrated

When really my dear all you need to hear is being perfect is overrated

So darling smile, let those braces shine

Tell me when, being yourself became such a crime

Wear that purple eye shadow and belt out that Disney tune

Because honey you’re fabulous and the world’s gonna love you


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