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Identity: Who Are You?

A devised piece, and a Muse competition

What do we understand by identity? It is certainly an ambiguous term, suggesting both collective and individual shaping, and therefore we have chosen it as out trigger for Hurtwood creativity this term.

In simple terms we are asking you to think about where we (or if you choose, you), come from. We want you to explore what has made us who we are.

It was great to see that one of the devised theatre pieces had grown out of this challenge: Leni, Georgia, Kiera and Callum chose to dramatise both their own family roots as well as generic literary and theatrical roots in a sharply economic and engaging performance. Referencing both the seminal and iconic door-slamming that ends Ibsen’s ‘The Doll’s House’, as well as the physical theatre techniques of Complicité, they explored the imaginative possibilities of a series of frames, and drew on a shifting slew of mixed media to tell their very different personal narratives. Picture frames became doors, shelters, arches and tunnels. They invited us to experience the interplay of family, history, context and love in a kind of square dance of life. At the heart of it all was the simple fascination of narrative, of the storytelling that constructs IDENTITY. The result was illuminating, celebratory and joyous: one (dramatic) way of expressing a sense of self and where we come from.

Why not join in and share your thoughts on IDENTITY?

Send us your creative responses: words, images, paint, photos:

Cash prizes – satisfaction and prestige await!

Competition closes 30th November


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