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Just a House.

by A. Gun

There’re some children outside, escaping the wired walls.

There’s nothing to catch your sight on, don’t stumble.

Just take a look around. How happy people seem.

A funny movie, absolutely stunningly filmed.

No lies here - black dots on a white wall - absurd.

And if you see poverty and anguish – your vision is blurred.

Warm in warmth, we’re stronger with beers.

Blaming the system became an act of pigs.

Those who have targets on their backs:

Prove you’re not a pig. Point who’s the snake.

Punish yourself, for others, friends, family.

For yourself, patrial, punish, if you see a man inside you.

Come on! Clench your fists, we’re bringing the rope.

To the dark alleys, the people are screaming their lungs out.

Violence in the bag, inevitable escape from the wall.

There’re some teenagers, tangling from their throats.

Bitter smoke, someone’s fire.

How many people fell down from their lies?

There’ll never be a place for all of us, remember this.

Feels like home, but this home is a cage.

Don’t worry, don’t think about the bad.

You’ve been fed with it by TV, like drugs with milk.

And you’ll return, even if your pockets are filled.

This cage is real.

There’s a house filled with smoke; underneath is a corpse.

It seems like there’s more, and they all look like you.

It looked like they wanted to escape.

Through the doors, through the windows, your city is dust

Corrupt politicians dispute each and all

While we discuss with a cup of tea and a piece of cake

About the absence of milk

Whilst they store gallons of it.

The cancer keeps spreading.

Poisoning traitors who once were their beloved.

Praising the real enemies whose hands are covered in blood.

Closing the gates to those who need, saying

“Those who want a piece will take some more.

Especially those, who speak better than most.”

Agitators, anarchists – beware!

Sensing the misdeeds, they’ll come ruining your peace.

Riots, war and plague, panic, bullets, against the police.

They’re out hunting each other now – and why is that?

Come on! Bring more fists, don’t forget the rope.

To the dark allies, the people are back at it again.

Violence and guns – the silence won’t come.

People always dispute about each and all.

Bitter smoke is our new sky.

How many fights and riots happened here?

There’ll never be a place for us all to live.

Feels like home, right?

But it’s just a house.


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