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Legally Blonde - a follow-spotter's perspective

by Naomi Lim

Oh My God you guys! Coming from someone who has never really been involved in the thrilling realm of musical theatre, I am so grateful to have been a part of this well-rounded experience; especially with the opportunity to be a follow-spot operator. As I worked with the backstage team, my presence was only required the moment ‘tech week’ hit, and from that point forward I have only had ‘Legally Blonde’ songs stuck in my head. On a real note, it has been fascinating to see how quickly the Performing Arts team is able to pull together and polish the show. Not to mention the cast size quadrupling from the usual number of 20. I love being able to see the friends transform themselves daily into the eccentric personalities that characterise the world of ‘Legally Blonde’. When they step foot on stage, I am constantly reminded of the insane talent that Hurtwood has to offer.  


Being a follow-spotter means I am able to watch all the shows (and wear a very cool headset). Guy Davey does the lighting for the musical and I have the pleasure of listening to him for the 2-hour duration of the show as he tells me where to point the light. We are in teams of two for both the follow-spots (each positioned at the top corner of the theatre), which means I only have to do the show every other night. I have watched the show approximately 10 times now, but I am left in awe every time by the enthusiasm and consistency that is demonstrated by the performers. My experience of being in the backstage team will completely differ to the people who have been working hard in rehearsals since October. Regardless, it has been really enjoyable to be a part of the show, and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to get involved. Overall, I hope to do it again for the Hurtwood concert and the shows to come.


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