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MuseDay Tuesday: We're Back!

It's 21st September 2021, somebody has put typewriters in the canteen, there are pots of colourful pens and big pieces of card to draw on, a strange man in glasses asking everyone who they are while holding a microphone that looks like a taser, and a blonde lady asking breathy, energetic questions about Shakespeare. Oh - and there are doughnuts. Yes - it must be the return of MuseDay Tuesday! Back again after all the craziness of covid.

We had a merry band of creative hopefuls join us and try to answer the bottomless question: WHO ARE YOU? Inspired by Black History month, Muse is venturing into the depths of our identities - and offering cold, hard cash to the best pieces of writing and images. Any genre welcome. Deadline details to follow in due course. Have a go! Who are you?

When we asked hapless passers by on Tuesday, in between bites of doughnut, the answers ranged from the profound ('Who are any of us?') to the mundane ('Hello. My name is Ben.') A lot of people answered like it was a job interview: 'I'm studying Media, English and Theatre and I've lived in the UK for nine years'. Nevertheless, a good time was had by all, much chatter, some excellent doodles (see below!) and the sound of steady munching.

We thought we'd include some of the strange doodles people did throughout the afternoon - to provoke and inspire! It's great to have you back, Musers. We've missed you!


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