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‘My Dark Knight’ by Emiko Salvi

When the clock begins

my dark knight fills my weak skull.

My caged-mind pounds

against the stale bars,

Sending tiny twitches underneath.

His threats are released and rabid

Kept alive in snug dug trenches of my mind,

Comfortably waiting behind the walls

Spilling out poisonous words for me to find.

“Become another” the knight says,

“Let me in” he pleads.

He forever hovers by my door,

Attempting to break my inner core.

Click, click the handle goes...

And enters this bloodthirsty foe,

Spreading his darkness from head to toe.

I try and try to push him out,

To stay strong and fight.

But it’s hard,

When all that was bright is now broken by my dark knight.

I smile through the pain

And laugh through the tears,

As my dark knight begins to control my fears.

I’m stuck and I need help

But I drown with embarrassment.

I’m locked in a vicious circle where my voice is muted,

and my soul is starving.

He’s stealing my oxygen and

Burning my dreams.

I’m suffocating.

My lungs are burning from this pain,

Choking my deceased angel through my veins,

I’m trying my hardest just to stay sane.

I hope that one day I can bear courage

And shun my vexed invader.

Making him feel the devastating pain he so happily gifted to me.

I just desperately want to be free.

But for now when you look me in the eyes,

It is not me you see.

It is my dark knight smiling, standing wise,

blocking the view from my ear-piercing broken cries.

So don’t be mistaken or fooled,

When you see a fire ignite behind my hungry eyes,

Just know that I have too many burns to feel the pain.

But my pain is my fuel,

And I’m the gasoline that will bury and end this duel.


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