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New Poetry 2020

We've had so much amazing writing since lockdown, we really have been humbled here at MUSE - from the inspirational, to the tearjerking, to the downright weird. We love it all. Here's a selection of some of the best poetry we've had this term!


Space and Time.

I sit around my desk and fidget with my pen,

Thinking of ideas that writers would depend.

Gazing out the window I spot a shooting star.

I think if my mind has wondered just as far.

Until I realized the miracle, I had just saw occur

But soon after I also thought of a 9 year old's slur

Which quickly silenced the more abstract thoughts that nearly did occur.

Why would you think of space and time

When words like "F***" provide as fun a time?

by Matthew Wild

There’s nothing left to talk about.

(inspired by Cormac McCarthy's 2006 novel, 'The Road')

The road ahead is closed.

A diversion stands by,

As the world remains on pause

2 metres to satisfy

those whom are susceptible

Those whom are responsible

Those who are waiting -

Nothing left to talk about.

by Kitty Dodd-Noble

Anyway, it was true.

(an 8-line poem inspired by the 8th line on the 8th page of the nearest book to hand)

Heavens opened with a colourless

maroon. Melodious birds hummed with a detached

tune. Targeted hearts heaved with a contending attempt to

Move. Alas, the remains are true

Another crimeless creature.

Another courtless officer.

Another countless statistic.

by Cecily Herbert

Blackout Poem.

After school, we were daring each other to go up,

I watched them go higher.

Who ran to get the nurse?

After the Choosing Ceremony, he and I, we were in the same year.

The second I walked in,

To the nurse’s,

The atmosphere feels hungry.

My heart rate is already elevated.

by Emma Balderston

Nature Had Not Been Kind to Smudge.

1. Nature had not been kind to smudge.

2. It had withered away at him, given him a grudge. 3. He was not one for smiling, was never beguiling, 4. his mouth in a permanent frown. 5. He would trudge on his crutch around the Dutch town in which he lived 7. He was known by the locals, as a bit of a yokel

8. And a man with a scowl that couldn’t shift.

1. Nature had not been kind to smudge.

2. It had withered away at him, given him a grudge.

3. He was never the coolest, a little bit foolish

4. And often forgot where he was.

5. He would end up in parks, sitting in trees with the larks

6. And was always surrounded by gloom

7. By the time he made it home, he’d be sat all alone

8. With no one to share with but the moon.

by Jess Leach


yes. soon.

soon the waves, soon the wind, soon all the things we have seen on videos, but never felt.

to feel my bare feet finally touch the fresh grass,

and watch the sunset from outside the glass.

to run outside and feel the rain on my face,

no longer feel trapped or stuck in one place.

one day down on earth I’ll look up at the moon,

but for now, I just think ‘one day’ will become soon.

by Kyra McGregor


But there wasn’t much in them,

Well that’s what they told me.

How am I supposed to know

If I didn’t get a chance to see?

Unaware of the potential,

Silently sheltered from the heat.




Yet unaware of what to see.

by Molly Peyton

Lord of the Flies.

He turned over, holding his nose, and a golden light danced

With a joyous spring of life, as he glanced

To see the flashing fireworks leap up high

In the starlit obsidian sky.

Too much for a tiny baby to comprehend

But still exciting to observe it and pretend

That he too could be the spark of new energy

That gives a life a wealth of dreams and memories.

by Tamar Duncan

Blackout Poem.

my muscles tightened, the atmosphere feels hungry, will i be responsible? my heart rate is elevated, i pause

by Lily Beck

Where the Wild Things Are.

And then he came to where the wild things are,

Just out of his door, he didn’t walk very far,

Over the threshold into that new world of wonder,

Picking his way through the wild flora and fauna,

From behind a tree a small face appeared,

Stumpy and green with overly large ears.

And then it came time leave to where the wild things are,

His feet heavy from the adventure,

Back over the threshold, into his mothers arms,

To dream of the magic and charms,

Of where the wild things are.

by Immy Fortescue

Wonderful Tonight.

(another 8-liner)

It had belonged to his Mother, but because she was such a horrible woman,

my mother disliked the ring from the start.

She says fidelity is subjective.

And it was foolish to pretend a diamond could make someone loyal.

Diamonds seem to her to be the most promiscuous gem.

Over romanticised, overkill.

I like diamonds.

They look nice.

by Connie Edgar


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