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By Adri Garcia

Have you ever wondered what people thought about you?

Well, I haven’t, because my friends seem to be quite vocal about it already, and always have something to say about me. Every time I open my mouth, it’s usually always open as I suffer from verbal diarrhea (a problem where you speak way too much), and before I get the chance to make a noise I hear someone’s remark of ‘Oh Dear God, Here she goes again’ I mean, I do talk a lot (I quite proudly won the house award for most talkative), but that doesn’t mean that everything that is to come out of my mouth is dull. The thing is that I was quiet a couple of weeks ago, I just didn’t feel like talking at all, so for most of the week I sat in silence during meals and didn’t really make much conversation. When I had finished my lunch I would leave to whatever I had to do rather than staying for a chat. My friends got worried and kept asking me what was wrong and that they missed my rants. So I am now confused, should I talk, or should I remain in silence? This has made me wonder, how do people’s perception change so quickly? I am a person who speaks her mind, regardless of what people think of me. The problem is that I usually don’t think before I speak, actually, scrap that, I speak as I think, so I never have a clear picture or overall target that I want to get across and I usually just make a terrible fool of myself as what I say just comes out of my mouth completely wrong. I am sorry I don’t have an amusing example of this that I can recall. The thing about perception is that different people perceive you in different ways according to the experiences that you have lived with said people. So, I was in Alevel dance lesson one day towards the end of last year, and if I recall correctly we had theory said day. The lesson hadn’t started yet and I was really angry about something, so I cursed like any other normal human being would. Apparently, it was the first time I had cursed in front of my dance peers and they were terribly shocked. I, on the other hand, was shocked that they had never heard me swear because I curse like a sailor. Another thing to take into account is that sometimes one doesn’t necessarily always come across as they think they do. What I mean by this is that one’s perception of oneself can sometimes be eclipsed. For instance, at the beginning of the year, my friends told me that I was a very flirtatious human being, that I flirt with everyone, no matter gender age or status. The thing is that I had no clue about this. I wasn’t aware that I was doing it (and think I might still be doing it). I cannot get my head around it though, because I don’t see myself in said way, but I cannot take it off my head now.


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