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Is this funny to you? Does this entertain you? Tell me, as you watch me cry, as you watch me suffer, what joy do you get out of it? How dare you sit there, watching me, laughing at me, mocking me, how dare you sit there, silently, unapologetically, watching me drown. Do you know how much pain I’m in, how much I wish for the walls to collapse, for the floor to crumble, for the sky to fall, and for the end to come. Please help me, I need help, please, help me. Yet you stand there, and watch, as my heart collapses, and my soul crumbles, and I fall. How dare you, stand there, pretending you don’t know, pretending that it’s not your fault, for the pain I’m feeling, but it is, it really is, all your fault. I cry, and I scream, I shout, I yell, but you don’t listen to me, you don’t care about me. Everyone prays in the end, but whether that prayer goes somewhere, or just becomes white noise, we’ll never know. So all we can do now, is suffer, and stand there, watching, waiting, for something, anything, a relief, a sign, a miracle, to happen.

Natalie Chiu


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