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Review: Make time for some Hurtwood Dreaming

Postponed weddings, family arguments, love and jealousy – no, not Lockdown 3 but more enthusiastic and playful performance from Hurtwood Theatre. Proving that the Kraken (of theatre) has indeed woken, the Amphitheatre is providing the glorious setting for an escapist jaunt through ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, even as the music stage vibrates in readiness for the summer show.

Undeterred and under the skillful guidance of Stephen and Steph, an enthusiastic and talented bunch of students are warming up for a fabulous hour of entertainment for us all, in one of Shakespeare’s most glorious commentaries on our own foolishness in the face of love, desire and gender. This is shaping up to be serious fun, in the best of all comic traditions. The running theme? ‘Lord, what fools these mortals be!’: that clearly means you and me, as well as them.

Expect lots of audience participation, madcap energy, role reversals, identity crises, contemporary cultural references, and good old laughter. Great cameos and energetic duologues and an almost frantic movement round the spaces, from balcony to stage, up and down steps and seating, you are invited on a journey through the clichés of doomed love from Greek tragedy and Titanic to happily paired lovers celebrated in pop ephemera. Find it all beneath the leafy slopes and fluttering bunting of Hurtwood. What’s not to love at the end of one of the craziest years ever in all our lives? The only ultimate response is laughter – oh, and love. Come and enjoy both in the Amphitheatre Wednesday 30th June and Thursday 1st July.


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