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Smoke, Smoke your dreams away,

   Till it settles, quietens and fizzles into empty air.

        That smell…tempting, it steals your thoughts

         Until you follow its misty attraction;

                    Inhale your brief moments of perfectness.

                  Draw in that smoke until it melts your regurgitating reflection,

                         Black spots puncture your impossible dream,

           You shouldn’t be thinking this,


Sieging is the desire to flump and scourge that pump of must-have-drug;

Smoke, smoke away.

You smoke like you are casual,

Like you have it all under a white, magic control.

You are not here. You are there.

             Feel it simmering your nerves,

      Feel it shattering everything,

    Feel it wash it all away;

…Until you are not here

-Honor Roberts


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