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So you think you want a revolution? - a review

So... if the world itself seems rather too unsettling for comfort these days - with Trumpist rhetoric resonating around and advising us that the world is being shaped by alternative facts in a post truth world, how about taking a look at radical change from the comfort of historical distance?

So you think you want a Revolution at London's Victoria and Albert Museum is well worth a visit - not least because you can clap on the headphones and lose yourself in the amazing music of the 1960's, ignore the crowds and soak up all kinds of facts about the great era of change that you never knew - eye up the costumes from the Beatles' Sargent Pepper cover...and peer at Hendrix's smashed guitar.

All this - and gain a real sense of the unrest and optimism that took on the Vietnam war, and gave us the music festival - here - wonderfully, energetically, nakedly Woodstock.

Go - but go quickly as it ends on February 26th - I guarantee you will not be bored, it might make you think more intently about our current world - and just enjoy THAT MUSIC!  FEEL THE VIBES MAN................................

By Louise Haile


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