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Splitting Hairs

By Suwen Liew

The distraction attraction,

That gives me a fraction

of stability,

To keep my head from untying itself from

pandora’s box,

The ticking clock-

counting down to inanity

Before the storm’s

waves hit me again.

Flooded by delirium’s common trend

catching myself in a net of numbness,

Where my thoughts are not my own but of others,

they kill me when I try to stop.


Stop, I can’t stop

these oceans of rectangular boxes

crushing thoughts

That can’t be there,

Smeared with the split ends of hairs,

Double visions in nightmares,

They don’t end,

They’re everywhere,

In every corner that I am awake,

In awareness.

Intent that collapses with an overdrive of madness,


But revenge.


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