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The Ballad of Hurtwood – Holding On… part 1 (with apologies to Oscar Wilde)

Hold on Hurtwood for now you have time

Not the we meant to, we’ve all crossed a line.

Banished, in lockdown, no MOCKS or EXAMS

No gatherings or parties, no targets, no plans.

Thoughtless and greedy, and sent to our rooms,

All that we’re left with: Houseparties and Zooms.

Greta was right: we’ve exploited our world.

Roll up the banners, the flags are all furled.

Really? Really?

You know that there’s hope, a future, keep faith.

We’re doing our bit, keeping sane, keeping safe.

Join with your peers, your teachers, your school,

Hold the line - take your time - don’t be a fool:

Meet our challenge and join us on line…

To read and to think, discuss and refine

Those ideas and issues, those theories and skills

Let’s finish the job THEN leave for the hills.

So keep in touch – send us your selfie

For once (only once) we’ll pretend that it’s healthy.

A message of hope? A viewpoint? A whine?

Just KEEP IN TOUCH - make use of your time.

Read and think and write and share.

Tell us your thoughts, show us you care

The medium is virtual, the outcome COMMUNITY

Let’s celebrate Hurtwood, and wait for IMMUNITY.

(sorry, you know I had to rhyme them in the end)


And as antidote to doggerel, some amazing words written by Julian of Norwich in the fourteenth century… (and nicked by T S Eliot et al)

All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. Hold on, Hurtwood!

Mail us your selfies and thoughts, recordings, creations... and we’ll load them up on our page on Muse.


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