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The Five Senses


            Waking up at Home

1 warmth of sun on my check

2 leftover paella from last night after I forgot to wash my teeth

3 freshly blossomed Begonia and honey suckle

4 sprinklers and crickets

5 tangled crispy sheets

           Waking up at School

1 piggy against my neck

2 mint toothpaste residue

3 vanilla shampoo I spilt on my dressing gown

4 slow dripping from my tap

5 postcards from my mum over the years plastered on the walls

           Walking though the market

1 weight of my bag against my hip

2 sweet papaya on my tongue

3 mixture of fresh watermelon and olives

4 bargaining voices of Majorcan, Catalan, Spanish, Italian and sometimes French

5 dappled light through overhead canvas attempting to create shade

         Walking though the corridor

1 my bare feet on the unravelling carpeted floor

2 cherry flavoured lipbalm

3 freebrezz

4 off key singing from down the hall and the creek of the third floorboard

5 raindrops racing against the window pains


         The art department

1 a scratched rough paintbrush between my index finger and thumb

2 leftover taste of bourbon biscuits from Nicky’s drawer

3 oil paints on Megan’s pallet and rain on sweaters

4 Nicky attempting to convince Sid to work

5 Moreen walking up the stairs passing Remi as he makes a sarcastic comment

-- anonymous



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