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The Greyer the City

a poem by Douglas Wadsworth

We’re in a moving air castle.

Nothing happens, in the damp city,

smells damp, prays it.

The fresher the day the more hopeless, we’re given hope.

Maybe someday, they’ll believe it

And a swig of happiness thinks about you too.

We’re happiest in the darkness, in the rain, in the damp now it reflects the body

Gives us reasons to think about everything, all the time.

In youth we’d love to

So in life we’ll kill it

with bare hands.

The eye in this city reeks danger, dragon scale

Look at it, the disgusting lines.

Cars tilt past one burnt shop,

Small houses will litter your life

Visit on. Cry to you.

You're uncomfortable, so get out, get comfortable again.

You spent the time you had, you had it all sprawled now, this city

The wet streets it gives you.

Try them, or don't try at all.

You live in your head, the greyer the city


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