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The life story of a foreign student - Chapter 3 - My family and pets

By Adriana Garcia

There have been pets in my family, but the stories I have about them aren’t the common cute dog stories. They are things that happen to a girl like me.

Story Nº 1: My mum gave my dad a goldfish for his birthday, this goldfish lived in a fish tank which didn’t have a lid in the top. The clever goldfish decided to explore the outside world and leaped out of the tank committing suicide. That was the end of the goldfish.

Story Nº 2: I was given a dog for my second birthday. When I was going to turn four my parents gave it away because we were going to move houses and the house we moved into didn’t have a garden. I now do not have the ability to love a dog.

Story Nº 3: I named my dog Bola which means ball in Spanish because when I first saw it, it was a small ball of hair

Story Nº 4: When I was about 2 and a half I used to feed my dog sand, I would pick a small plastic shovel, fill it with sand and pour it down Bola’s throat.

Story Nº 5: Bola half ate the curtain from my grandparents’ door which led to the garden, and after 14 years they have been unable to change the curtain.

Story Nº 6: Bola ate all my colouring pencils and threw up a rainbow on my mother’s carpet.

Story Nº7: I once had a sea crab as a pet and I did not know what to feed it. I fed it lettuce and he refused to eat it, so he starved himself to death.

Story Nº 8: I once had a starfish as a pet, I didn’t know what to feed her so I didn’t, and consequently she died.

Story Nº 9: I once had a pet spider called Pelusa, this means dust.

Story Nº 10: I grew worms for about 4 years in a shoe box. Once they escaped out of the holes I had made for them to breathe invading the whole kitchen. I have had a phobia of those worms ever since, I don’t think I entered the kitchen for a week after the incident, which was the place where the shoe box with the worms was kept.


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