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'The Muser' lives!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

In September 2019, the bright minds at Muse had a great idea – we would gather the best journalistic talents that Hurtwood had to offer, commission them to write an article on an area of special interest, and bribe them with the promise of an all-new A4, glossy publication of the best bits. As we rolled towards the new year, we had more than a dozen honed, creative pieces of investigative journalism ready to go, as well as a cover and layout design. We even had catchy name to sum it all up - 'The Muser'. All we needed to do was compile, proof, finalise, and do the print run. What could be simpler, I hear you ask?

Around this time, the threat of Covid suddenly became very real, and it quickly became clear that schools would be closing imminently. Quite abruptly, the Muser trail come to a halt.

Now that we are nearly a year further down the line, and some of the dust has finally begun to settle, we thought it high time we showcased some of the excellent writing generated by students past and present for, ‘The Muser’, the magazine put on hold by the pandemic.

Over the coming weeks, running into 2021, Muse will be publishing a series of these articles for you to enjoy. Written by Hurtwood students past and present, they cover a dizzying array of subject matter: from ecofashion, to manga, to blockchain technology, and the science of crying.

Sit back, read, and enjoy – we know you will!

The Muser lives!


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