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The Sonnet of Hurtwood (still holding on!)

Shall I compare thee to a second wave?

No. Thou art more tedious and mis-named.

Rough waves do refresh and challenge the brave,

But thou art an ugly ball and much to be blamed.

Sometime hast thou sent us to our rooms,

Denied us our friends and banished exams,

Taunted and tricked us, another spell looms.

You seem to think that you’ve ruin-ed our plans.

But this is Hurtwood, our plans are in place,

We’re onto you virus, we’ve cracked your disguise,

Our learning goes on, without track and trace,

We’ll fight every challenge (but first santitise).

So long as Hurtwood lives and eyes can see,

So long will we learn on, and deny life to thee.


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