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The Underachiever’s Interpretation of Going Places by Lemn Sissay

By Sasha Rose Cook

I was contemplating one of the poetry prompts for Photoverse (go check it out) and realised that,while I think it’s a great poem, I don’t actually have the slightest ounce of pity for Sissay. Oh, what I would give to have one day when I didn’t have a deadline to meet and things to study instead of pretending I didn’t have anything to do and procrastinating the time away regardless of the essays I have due in the next day. Hence, this response was born unto the world at around three in the morning: another

pencil sharpening

piano playing

headache inducing

paper recycling

note taking

internet surfing

meal skipping

deadline chasing

book reading

chocolate eating

spell checking

textbook searching

slightly cheating


with too much to do

i think i’ll draw myself a future

on my bedroom walls

to convince myself

that i’m going somewhere


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