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Unplugged in the Amphitheatre (June 2024)

It's a typical British summer, and so here we are sheltering from the rain in the canteen. But all is not lost! A quick email from Sam to announce the change of venue, and load of help from the lovely catering staff dishing out doughnuts and lashings of pink lemonade, and we're here, ready to read. And my - what a fabulous selection of poetry we had on display! Armen read about his passion for sleep. Zaria somehow twisted spaghetti into a beautiful ode. We had poetry in German and Spanish, about burger bars and lunchbreaks, and love, and loss, and friendship.

We laughed, we cried, but what impressed most (as is so often the case with our little school on the hill) was the sheer passion and commitment of our lively creatives. Nearly all of the poems people read were original pieces, and all were read with verve.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our gathering. If you enjoyed it and would like to get involved in something similar in the future, email Sam or Louise.

And to all the A2s - Natalia, Olivia, Apollyia - who came to read amidst exam chaos, we salute you!


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