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Waiting for 'Hairspray' 2

One of the directors, Doug Quinn, speaks to Muse.

Everyone is busy, of course, but caught here for a few minutes after lunch, as we all wait for the experience that is ‘Hairspray’, are some thoughts straight from the source on this year’s extravaganza: one of its directors, Doug Quinn.

Clearly confident, in control and absolutely ready to go. Your thoughts on the show? Take it away, Doug…

Hairspray is a joyful piece - a joy - it’s about inclusion and everybody’s welcome. It’s about old-fashioned prejudices, about knocking them to one side. It’s funny doing a piece set in the 1950s, 1960s. Actually it’s set in 1962, but all these old prejudices that have crept back in for 2018 – that chorus of ‘Let’s make America great again!’ are addressed here. The plot invites us to see the need to keep fighting these prejudices.

What else is fun here? It’s nothing to do with Christmas – but it’s got all the Christmas values – of generosity of spirit, of community, acceptance and friendship.

Of course, it’s set in a High school. It’s a bit like ‘Grease’ in that sense – so it’s full of lovely young characters who are falling in love for the first time, and particularly with Tracy and Link where the coolest kid in school falls in love with the most unlikely of heroines. This is a play that invites us to see past the prejudice of judging a book by its cover. So it’s lovely – it’s a really nice story and it does bring everyone together.

Moments that stick in the memory so far? Quite a bit of sickness in the last week or so – always terrifying for a director. Also, we’re looking forward to an audience! Two hours including an interval.

What’s not to love? Muse can’t wait. Can you?

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