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WINDOWS: a word / image piece

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

by Sheridan Burns

This project began when I asked friends to send me their views of the world, to send me literally photographs taken from their windows.  In turn they asked their friends to do the same, so most are from teenagers, and come from all over the world, including Poland, Canada, Israel, England, USA, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany and South Africa. 

Take a look: I hope it has something to say about how we all see the world.

In square boxes

away from the dust

the dirt and the lies

To just look through

and realise

Each person has a family,

Each person has a home

Whether that be alone

in a shed or a mansion (with 17 beds)

To look out upon the world which we have sculpted to be ours

And ours alone.


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