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Yorkshire Poems

By Lyana Farooqi


A time away from life, to reflect, escape to nature and write poetry. Three poems inspired by a holiday in Yorkshire.

Beach Rapture

Steps forward,

through the foliage,

skin bare;

lightly reminded of you dragging featherweight fingertips up my legs,


I feel light on the sand beneath my feet,

suspended in air,

welcoming the warmth,

bringing memories of holding you close;

a wish, desire for what I miss most.

A pebble, the spherical smoothness balanced in palm,

easily mistaken for a hand so familiar.

rivers trailing along arms,

salty water that those piercing eyes did not cry.

Ribbons of sand flying on the wind,

the air rushing, flooding onwards,

a sudden stillness,

with the steady splashing waves behind me,

hair loose and windswept,

eyes half closed against the dazzling sun,

perhaps in sheer delight.

I allow my mind to drift back to you,

as the water flows over my feet,

and in the natural peace

and memory of you,

I find a sweet release.


Far out to sea,

Lost in your eyes,

Diving deeper and deeper into the blue,

And replenishing my body with the sweetest sustenance.

Like the tentative fledgling,

Clinging to cliffs so sheer,

I will cling to you.

A home in a broken place,

And even as the face weathers,

I will return;

Year after year

To build my home

And live out my days,

In the beauty and solace of your sheltering embrace.


Spread your wings to the wind my love,

Let the currents carry you home under clear skies

Glittering gold by day,

Silver stars by night

Spring upon spring,

With tear sparkled eyes;

Lay flowers at my feet,

And in silent whispers and loving ritual say:

That your love is renewed like mine,

As endless as the meeting between the sea and the sky. ||


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