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An Assortment of Strange (very) Short Poetry by Giselle Pe

I do not claim to be A Poet. I do, however, claim to be A Person Who Has A Lot Going On In Their Head. And sometimes, all of that stuff blabbering about in my head needs to get out. Mostly, it gets out in the form of crayon and frantic scribbling. Occasionally, it gets out in the form of words. A sort of, sudden jumbled surge of words - though, evidently, not very many of them. (Note to my brain - an attention span just a tad longer might be nice.) And so, I present to you, my very short poetry collection of very short poems.


a belle of the snow,


is plucked, admired, displayed,




is veiled, paper-thin,


silent roars in the wind,

soundlessly howling:

"delicacy is strength".

no typhoon nor tide

can stop the march to March

her bowed head will rise.


"F*** you" said Capitalism.

"No, f*** you" said Creativity.

you're a monopoly board and that, like everything else, is meaningless

i feel compressed:

into a small cube

21 red circles

carved into my face

and you rearrange the letters

of the instruction manual




please stop fiddling

the yellow line

how can i stand behind

when i am so busy

please-minding-the-gap between

my lungs

failure has paid me a visit and i am not as cool as novi

better fingertips

have graced these keys

light and delicate

perhaps it isn't so black and white

as these as

it stares me in the face

the low grumble

the narrowing eyes

breathing too much too loud too close

this is a reminder.

a tribute to lost ideas

once in a while

silence pays a visit

together we stroll

among the graves of those i have lost

the scattered letters, the hectic lines,

all else formless

they are fleeting

cursed to a destiny of lifelessness

i'm sorry


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