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.convenient tattoos.

By Josephine Fransilja

This poem is about being in love with someone you know is destined to break your heart. You know love will destroy you both so you treat everyday like it's the last. You try to capture little vignettes of them at their happiest before everything crashes and burns. This poem is about the heartbreak before heartbreak.

.convenient tattoos.

your tears on my sleeve a memo of how to breath. fake deep like a nosebleed but I worship you like the creed.

convenient tattoos grey ink splattered like his thoughts, capricious and undying it's his art, pen and skin etched into his heart.

remember him like the rose on his collar bone, hide it with a purplish bruise, your mouth mixed with his black ink-

but his art is forever even if your hearts are together

convenient tattoos overlapping freckles formed like constellations, fingers clasping curly hair- let go and trace the words burnt there.

...maybe he'll keep you safe, but not for long, you think you can become his tattoos. convenient but



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