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Environmental - a poem

by Sofie Miller

I had a breakdown a month ago

When I really thought whoa

I feel so tiny

In this god forsaken world

Not god forsaken

We forsake it

And what can one girl like me

Do to undo destiny

When everyone is shouting but no one is listening

When everything that’s glistening is beginning to be destroyed

And we can’t avoid our own oblivion

What can I do when every breath I take is helping to ruin the planet

Nothing is organic

And have you seen the trees

They used to float in the breeze

But now they have been seized

By metal men

Just trying to make a bit more money

A little more dough

But it’s not funny

It’s no longer good enough to say

Let’s just plant some more

Cause the damage is beyond repair

And yes all of you should despair

And do something

Use your privilege to do whatever it takes

To put on the brakes to this global disaster

We are heading towards mass extinction

And yet you can’t even make a distinction

Between the end of our planet

Or some model called Janet

Now take the oceans

I feel like I’m being pulled in slow motion

The rubbish is floating on our seas

And we can no longer see the water

Water which is rising up all around us

Cause we can’t stop flying all around the world

All curled up in private jets

To take some photos

And pull a cute pose

Or look at mysterious animals

All caged up in something so mechanical

They will no longer exist

If we continue in this way

If we keep letting our home decay

This world does not just belong to us

Like stop being caught up in your smugness cause you can afford not to care

Take a look at the world around you

Is this what you wanna leave your kids

So god forbid, we have to make a change

Before time begins to rearrange everything we’ve held dear

And you can live without those special avocados from Mexico

And I feel so alone

But we can do something

Cause although it shouldn’t have been left up to us

A bunch of teenagers still stuck on a school bus

It has

And so let’s act as if we know what we’re doing

And work together

To stop this bloody weather

Before it’s too late

Before the world begins to inflate

Let’s not leave behind the same chaos that has been handed to us by our elders and self proclaimed betters

But they’re not better

Just older

Let’s give them the cold shoulder

Until they listen

Until they do something

It’s all coming

A way to wipe out our existence

And I really need some assistance

Let’s form a resistance

And change what is beginning to be set in stone

Let’s help the ozone

And overthrow the people saying that this is not real

Use your eyes

Let’s make a last appeal

And please don’t give up the chase cause together we can make the world a better place


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