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Hurtwood poets heading into print…

Take a look at some new poetry voices for 2019!

Hurtwood’s very own Sofie Miller and Suwen Liew have just heard that their poems have been selected for inclusion in an upcoming anthology. Entering poems last autumn in response to the trigger ‘Escape’, both have made the cut, and may yet win even higher accolades once the book is published.

Both responded with characteristic modesty, but both have plenty to say in response to the challenges of life in 2019.

Take a look at their work and judge for yourself.


Ghosts – Suwen Liew

loving ghosts that whisk away

they come at night but leave by day, out in the sun -

they burn and cling to you like life support,

a body to hold.

but to love a spirit -

to never see,

or know.

That this distance, would be mistaken for love

Within a whole other world.

A reality in the same frame that could never be your own.

to love spirits, effigies of my imagination.

I wandered on thin ice, thinking friction would erase,

the isolation.

the fading feelings that I could sense

but never touch.

could never know

if they were there at all.

Love could no longer be mere fabrications,

Remembering that shadows could only mimic -

Not do the same.

But how do you wake up from disillusions and dreams,

If you can’t really walk away?


Lost and Found – Sofie Miller

I sometimes get lost in my mind,

Unable to explain why

or how

I got there.

Almost like I’m a foreign entity in

my body

Travelling through tunnels made of hate

Ending up in caverns of memories

I wish to erase

Twisting through synapses of chemicals

that only make me feel worse;

When they are designed to make me

feel better

Why keep breathing,

when holding

my breath;

keeps me


I’m lost in my head,

I can’t seem to find my way out.

It’s like a labyrinth which changes

entrances and

exits every hour

So where there used to be a window with light shining through

There is now a wall covered with thorns

So when I throw myself forward

to reach the sun

instead I find my hands bleeding.

I’ve got so lost in my mind

that I have now

made it my home.


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