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Muse Presents... The Screenwriter

First in line was the Screenwriter: Richard Hurst, who kicked off the programme with a lively workshop on comic writing for the screen. He challenged the group to align a bizarre range of characters into even more bizarre scenarios. It made us all think hard about the mechanics and measure of comic response… whilst having creative fun.

What happens if you make Theresa May a primary school teacher, or Boris Johnson a therapist? Is ‘Game of Thrones’ already a comedy? Is ‘Friends’ the best observational comedy every written?

There was certainly a sense of new horizons and possibilities in turning ideas into screen time. A ‘Q and A’ session followed with some interesting insights into the generating process of creative interaction, and a peep or two behind the writing scenes of ‘Miranda’ – one of Richard’s most well-known collaborations.

See the upcoming footage from Richard’s workshop for more insight into Muse Presents: the screenwriter.

Until next time, folks.


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