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Muse presents… The Sound Engineer and Podcaster

And so we met Mike Woolley, a man of considerable enthusiasm, broad-based experience and with wonderful people skills – all of which have collectively earned him a great career in sounds - of all kinds! He is busy turning the passions and knowledge of others into great radio and sound bites. What was most impressive was his broad knowledge, his own passion – for communication and facilitating the imagination of others – and his rather dignified refusal to name-drop, especially as he has clearly worked with many very talented and well-known people.

What is emerging from these various workshops is the sheer range and variety of creative possibilities for paid and rewarding work. There is a whole world out there that is ready for Hurtwood talents, blending the creative and the technical, and very much adapting to the rapidly changing interface of communication and entertainment.

Wished you had been there? You can see the potted interview which is currently in the edit.

Check out some of the stuff that Mike has done on his website:

Watch this space.


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