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Muse: Sleep Poetry

"To sleep, perchance to dream-"

In the midst of such a busy school term, with the Concert, and coursework galore, I'm sure we can all sympathise with Shakespeare's wandering solipsist. Sometimes all you need is sleep!

And so, with a simple snoozy purview, the Musers set to work creating poetry on sleep. Enjoy!


Sleep for the Restless


     The finished product of this page should remind you of my mind late at night — the frantic hand in which it was written will catch you the gist — all panic, constant flood of thoughts, trains of thoughts with no point of departure or destination, caught in the rapture of the constant “now”; frantic jumps between memories; pursuit of emptiness, quiet…


     Until, two pills, bite one, swallow the other, 

And sent within half of an hour 

Into the artificial silence. 

I can hear the fan in the corner, and knocking on the window,

Before surrendering to the velvety curtain being drawn up,

Ever so slowly, 

Over my mind. 


by Matt Shaw


A Good Sleep


I really really want to sleep.

Pathologically. With my whole body-

Viscerally, physically and mentally

I need a good sleep.


My body screams, begs for a comfortable bed 

With two pillows-under my head and behind my back 

My mind is desperate for everything that does not require any effort.


I think I have complained to everyone

Complained about my longing for a good old sleep.

Not just a sleep. A good sleep. Deep sleep. More-than-seventeen-hour long sleep.


20 hours would be just enough.


My mind is dampen from the amount of work I have to do


Deadline soon. 


Yet, I haven’t done anything 

Because I really want to sleep.


Today, just today when I am not active and positive 

Everyone is.


I would love and enjoy the happiness around me any other day

But not today 

When I really want to sleep

When I really need a sleep.


by Armen Saroyan


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