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New Poems

By Jojo Guo

I wish I was a machine,

Wish I worked Wish I worked Wish I worked.

Thrusting up the loading bar,

As easy as flame on fuel.

Twist the knob I’d stop-stop to twist the knop,

I never stop

I never stop

I never stop



empty track

Alone on the bank of executed victory!

Cues in the flood: an inch taller and shoulder width,

a small favour

from big nature!

He says it’s too much!

He says it’s not enough!

The rate of productivity in the bending


bending of his knee!

The grid of the

circles of the

lines of the

spotlight webbing him in his turgidity 90 degrees

beheading with the strength of flash advertisement

an instant mimic of a greater movement big enough

to fill his tiny heart his songs inflated as airy as he

his storms cotton-stuffed ori ori ori origatsunami No more of these.

No more of these.

No more lab lights.

No more zoo dynamic.

No more feeding leather with honey-coloured-piss.

No more songs half sung.

No more microwaved freshness.

No more plastic rock ‘n’ roll.

No more lifesizelifesizelifesize dreams.


I swear I won’t tell you the same story again

I swear I will get out of myself I can

Finally I’ll sing a song, without words to right my wrongs

Or to write my wrongs

I’ll spit all out

No tears chewed over

Go faster I’ll catch up with you I can

The thunderstorm will be bigger than my brain

No more big day light through my electric bulb

No more plastic Rock ‘n’ Roll

I’ll be nameless and you’ll remember me, hopefully

I don’t wanna be the immortal moth again

Let me be prepared to die this time

Fire up


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