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New Poetry

by Sofie Miller

Hello darling

I’ve missed you

Now look at me

I’ve come back to kiss you

The kiss of life

Well maybe death

It’s been a while since you and I crossed paths

It was such a laugh

Did you miss me?

I missed you

I missed the hollows of your cheeks

Yellow cheeks

The purple below your eyes

And all those people who just cried

I want you to stay alive

Feed me

Give me all your memories

Your movements

Don’t let all those remedies, do a thing

Give me your smile

I want your air

Oh darling please don’t despair

These fluorescent lights make you so pretty

It’s such a pity

I am already with you

I don’t like the doctors needles

The way they weasel there way in and break our happy

I’ll take you on a date to a hospital bed

You and I are already wed

I hear you want a divorce

You flush me out with chemicals

Everyone's so hysterical

Hello darling

Hear me out

I’m here to bring you peace

Like some release

I’m in your head

Your heart

And chest

You can never rest when I’m with you.

I’m not a killer

I’m a saint

Sending you back to heaven

I love all of you

I’ll take away your pain

You can’t complain

I want all of you

You and I will fall apart together

Let us dance together

Like tremors

Going on forever

Like a melody

I’m not your enemy

Your cells split

I will outwit

Those men in white cloaks

Trading magic spells for an expiry date

Our expiration

One months

Two years

But in the ends you’ll always be mine


You can’t get rid of me with love or money

I’m always on your heels

I make you really feel -

Why don’t you love me?

I’m like a machete

Ripping through your lungs

Sweetie you look so tired

Like I’ve unwired all the cables in your brain

I’m a bomb waiting to go off

You’ve lost hair

Like you’ve lost friends

And you can’t depend on them like me

Because they can’t stand

Being here firsthand

As we fall apart together

Time to sleep

Listen to the sound of my voice

Whispering sweet nothings

I’’l give you the sun and moon

I’ll show you the stars baby

You are nothing without me

I am your whole identity

No get well soon or wilting roses

Could ever terminate our love.

I hear you no longer want me

I make you sick

I promise this will be quick

I’m here to look after you

You and me forever

In eternity

And peacefully

One final breath

Breathe with me

Push out air for me

You pushed me out with you

But it’s ok cause you die too.


Typing slowly on a keyboard made of


Words that you will never hear

Words that I fear

It’s a letter written to you

Like hundreds before

Written from my heart

Words travelling through synapses

down my arms

until it reaches my fingers tips

Like passion falling out

And I just can’t stop it

Falling all over the keys of my computer

You have the key to me

I want to press send

To watch my sentences fly through the air and touch your arm

Make you swing around and hold me in your embrace

Because suddenly you understand

Suddenly you want me

and not her

I’m a girl with a voice like sawdust

Easily blown away

I scream your name in capital letters

But press delete

Because I’d rather be just your friend

than lose you altogether


It’s like there’s a blanket between us

Something smothering me

It’s so small and fragile

Like you

And yet I can’t tear it down

It wraps around my limbs until I can’t breathe

Like I’m drowning in a bed of thorns

I shout your name

But you can’t hear me anymore

You can’t feel me anymore

I want you to hold me in your arms

Protect you

Make it alright

But you’re not here to protect me anymore

No longer my knight

Instead you’re riding away from me

I’m left behind

Still choking on the something between us

Something invisible

But more real than you are

You’re gone

And you’ve left someone I don’t recognise in your place


They say you have to play

the waiting game

But it’s not for your entertainment

It’s a feeling that overrides your brain

and shuts off all your senses

Stopping any light get in

It twist the sinews of your heart until you just want everything to


so it won’t hurt anymore


strips your lungs of air so as madly as you try,

you just can’t seem to breathe


for the death of someone who’s heart is part of yours w

hose soul is intertwined in yours

It’s not a game

It’s a tragedy

So don’t tell me to just wait and see,

to play the game, to wait for fate to play it’s hand,

everything is on fire and I don’t seem to be able to put it out


Please don’t speak the words I fear

I see it everywhere

Like you’ve already gone and have come to find me

The words

The pictures

The ending

I grip her hand a bit too hard

Wait, stop, breathe


A repeat

It’s not my fate I have to hear

I bite my lip

and watch their clinical smiles

Ready to take my pulse

check I’m breathing

I’m not

I can’t

This is the thing I can never say

I hate the way they see me



They can’t speak to me on the phone

It’s too much for them

But remember

What about me?

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