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By Adri Garcia

Smell. What is and isn’t a good smell? I have always feared that our sense of smell isn’t the same. I mean, some people will like the smell of a perfume over another or vice versa. But why is this? Do people actually prefer one smell over another, or do people smell different tints of the same smell at different intensities, and hence have different opinions on a specific smell? I remember quite distinctly, a while back my family and I were on holiday. We were just walking down a street, very slowly, just observing the architecture of the town and appreciating the moment, when suddenly, two girls appear out of nowhere, very dressed up, with heels and tight dresses. It wasn’t until they crossed us down the street that I was slapped in the face with the smell of their perfume. It was so strong I thought I was going to asphyxiate, after a long shower I could still smell the perfume. I remember thinking to myself, do they have no sense of smell? I have wondered ever since that day if there is a way to measure that, because they should not let those girls into closed spaces e.g. an elevator. Do you ever worry about what other people think about how you smell? People have told me I smell like me, is that meant to be a good thing? Who says that? Please be more specific! Another friend told me once that I smelled like baby powder, I don’t think it that is a good thing, is it? I mean, it is not my aspiration to smell like a baby’s bum...


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