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By Ros Steel

A knock on the door,

Oh dear who could it be?

Not Jenny again with her dodgy knee.

Or is it Mavis with the wonky eye,

Whenever she comes I'm left wondering why?

"I have bi-polar-of that I'm sure"

"No, no Johnny, it's hormones that's all"

"it's meningitis, I'm going to die"

"No, no Mary, it's a headache I cry".

Such is the daily life of the San,

Watching kids grow from boy to man.

Advising, listening, giving TLC

When we can't help-refer to GP.

A plaster here, a soother there,

Sometimes a hug to show that we care.

All the excuses we have heard before,

so please think twice before you knock on our door.

"I need to rest, it's only PS,

Only to find it's a Geography test!

We may look old and not so cool,

But just be aware, we are no-one's fool!


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